Starbucks Bottled Drinks

Are you in a hurry? Don’t have enough time to enter Starbucks to enjoy the freshly brewed coffee or you don’t want to create a mess because you are with kids. Don’t worry! Starbucks really cares for their customers. Whenever you are on the go or in a hurry, you can experience the same Starbucks drinks in a bottle form. The bottled magic gives the same delightful experience. Let’s dive into the bottled menu with me.

Starbucks Juice Menu & Prices 2024

Starbucks Juice MenuStarbucks Juice prices
ONE Water 750ml Still£3.35
Still Lemonade 330ml£3.40
Cloudy Apple Juice 250ml£3.15
Remedy Mango Passion Kombucha 250ml£3.40

Starbucks juices

We all know that Starbucks gained popularity because of its coffees but now it offers a wide range of juices for non-coffee lovers. These freshly made juices come in regular glasses and bottled forms. I am going to explore the bottled juice journey. Come with me! 

Pip Organic Blackcurrant Raspberry & Apple Juice with Spring Water 180-ml

This coffee giant always provides convenience to its consumers. This bottled juice is a blend of fresh fruits available in 180 ml size bottles. Raspberries and apple juice, diluted with spring water gives a refreshing and bursting flavor. The ease and hydration packed up in a bottle. 


Still Lemonade 330ml

Fruity juices with a tangy and zesty twist? How does it sound? This Starbucks lemonade is a perfect drink for summers. Made with real lemon extract, a little bit of sweetness and ice. A refreshing, simple, and healthy pick-me-up. Enjoy this drink and thank me later! 

Raspberry Lemonade 330ml

This tangy drink is made with the ripe raspberries, lemon juice and ice. Indulge in the richness of sweetness. This raspberry lemonade is available in 330 ml bottle size. A perfect drink for both, summers and winters. An easy pick-me-up solution for busy peeps. 

Smooth Orange Juice 250 – 500ml

Orange lover, either color or fruit. Savor the goodness of fresh orange juice in a convenient size of 250 and 500 ml bottle. Normally, baristas use fresh and finest oranges to make this juice. But when the season ends, they use frozen orange extract to make this nutritious pick-me-up. 


Cloudy Apple Juice 250ml

Treat yourself with this delightful beverage in a bottle form. It is made with fresh apple extract without pulp, a beverage full of minerals and vitamins. It has a mixed flavor, sweetness and tartness. Cloudy apple juice in a 250 ml bottle is a wholesome and satisfying thing to do in summers. 

Starbucks Shots

There are two types of health boosters available at Starbucks in the form of shots. People who don’t like intake of these healthy ingredients directly can take it from Starbucks shots. 

starbucks ginger shot 100ml

A punch of zesty pack in 100 ml serving. It is made by using fresh garlic blended with fresh lemon juice. This drink has potential health benefits so gym enthusiasts, health lovers or aged people love its bold and strong flavor. 

Turmeric Shot 100ml

As you all familiar with turmeric anti-inflammatory properties, baristas crafted this drink with care. Fine blender turmeric with black pepper combines with water for dilution. This shot is a natural way to boost the immune system. 

Starbucks Shoot

Starbucks teavana iced tea

People who are in a hurry love convenience. Starbucks offers a wide range of teavana iced teas in bottled form. Guys, you must be worried about freshness? Don’t worry! These bottled drinks are freshly made, packed and handled with care. Common trevena iced teas available in bottled form are:

  • Green iced tea
  • Black iced tea
  • Peach green iced tea
  • Passion tango herbal tea

Starbucks Iced Coffees

Sometimes, we don’t have time to enjoy the aesthetics of the coffee shops, we just want simple pick-me-up solutions. Starbucks Iced coffees in a bottle version solved this problem. Enjoy your ride with the freshly made bottled coffee. There are a lot of options available.

  • Black Vanilla iced coffee
  • Caramel iced coffee

You can ask baristas about other available options.

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Are you craving something refreshing and fruity with an on the go option? You are at the right place. These sparkling drinks are made with real fruit juice and green coffee extract. These refreshers give natural energy. There are a lot of options available in bottled form.

  • Raspberry Pomegranate refresher
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Peach passion fruit
Starbucksc Refreshers Menu

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Espresso Shots

Want a quick energy recovery, look no further than Starbucks espresso. These double shots of espresso combined with a little bit of sweetness packed in a bottle gives a perfect amount of caffeine and energy. There are multiple flavors available in the pick-me-up form. 

  • Espresso
  • Espresso and cream
  • Espresso and salted caramel cream


Imagine the creamy and smooth flavor of Frappuccino packed up in a convenient option. The main aim of bottled drinks are to provide convenience, and enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Frappuccino menu is a whole world to explore but there are limited options available in a bottle version. 

  • Coffee Frappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Caramel

Health and Eco Warriors

These bottles, drinks and shots are a healthy adventure one must do in their life. From cherry plum to mango passion, these fermented drinks with the perfect amount of probiotics is an absolute post workout drink. Looking for something fresh and organic? These Starbucks bottled drinks are all organic and pure. The eco-friendly ingredients are perfectly packed with goodness.

Final Words

These convenient options offer an adventurous and flavourful journey that caters the demands of various customers with a wide range of options. From the freshly extracted juices to sparkling water, each bottle crafted with love and handled with care to maintain quality and convenience. No matter, you are in a hurry to take an energy shot, a coffee booster, or a refreshing juice to soothe your soul. There are multiple options to cheer up your day. Remember one thing, Starbucks is available anywhere, no matter where life takes you.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they are healthy but Starbucks never ever claims about ingredients and allergies. So, customize your beverage like sugar, sweetness, sauces, milk, and other options. It totally depends on you how healthy you want.

Yes, you can find many bottle drinks in different retail outlets. Also, these are available at grocery, convenient, and online retailers stores.

Yes, these are like any other packaged drink that contains expiry date. Check the expiry date before buying these drinks from Starbucks or any retailer.