Starbucks Iced Coffee and Cold Brew

Are you guys craving a perfect icy caffeine kick that’s smooth as silk and sweet as honey? So, go and grab one of their newer creations of cold coffee drinks. This cold brew isn’t your average regular espresso coffee. These non-espresso drinks are steeped in cool water for more than 20 hours. As a result, a less acidic and bitter, smooth, and intensely flavored drink that’s different from traditional cold coffees. It’s a cool wave of coffee that splashes your taste buds with satisfaction. 

Starbucks Iced Coffee Cold Brew Menu

Clotted Cream Fudge Cold BrewFat 23.5g
Nitro Cold Brew0g
Starbucks Iced Coffee and Cold Brew

Clotted Cream Fudge Cold Brew

Forget about the boring cold coffees, because Starbucks launched a taste sensation directly out of the British dream- The one and only Clotted Cream Fudge Cold Brew. It’s not a traditional coffee, it’s a celebration in a cup of Starbucks’ 25th anniversary. Imagine this limited-edition masterpiece of joy; a rich, smooth cold brew, brewed slowly for 20 hours, meets the desires of an afternoon drink. 

Fresh and refreshing cold brew with the sweetness of clotted cream, the richness of fudge, vanilla syrup with a touch of a cloud of clotted cream cold foam and sprinkles of fudge- takes you over the top with sophistication. 

Starbucks Iced Coffee Cold Brew

starbucks cold brew coffee

What about an afternoon cup of joy? Cold brew is a smooth addition to the coffee. After having it, you will forget the hot brew. We all know, slow and steady wins the race. Cold brew steeped in cold water for more than 20 hours is the key to unlocking the natural potential of coffee. Leave the bitterness and welcome the smooth and full-bodied flavor beverage. The aroma of dark roasted Arabica beans pass through filter water in a French press and steeped into cool water making a coffee revolution waiting for you. Endless customization options like milk, vanilla syrup, cream, and sweetener make it your ideal drink. 

Cold Brew Latte Starbucks

What are your opinions on a twist on classic cold brew?  You guys want to try different flavors so here it is. This delicious cold brew latte with a base of slowly steeped coffee, and layer of chill and creamy milk. Wait a second, you want a touch of sweetness in it? Simply sprinkle your preferred toppings over vanilla or caramel syrup. The chilled milk combined with a hint of creamy pleasure creates a first sip that is a cool wave of pure coffee flavour.

starbucks nitro cold brew

Wanna take your average cold brew to the next level? So here the secret is: cold brew steeped for more than 24 hours to unlock its mellow heart when infused with nitrogen gas, the magic happens. This infusion creates millions of tiny bubbles and gives a sparky and creamy texture. Nitro cold brew’s bubbly fact resembles a dark beer but don’t worry, it’s completely alcohol-free. You can call it a coffee reborn that has the mesmerizing pleasure of coffee. 

Cold Brew Latte Starbucks

Nitro Cappuccino

Cappuccino lovers, Starbucks is waiting for you to try this unique infusion. This popular drink made with the foundation of smooth, nitro-infused cold brew, gives a smooth and rich coffee texture. The magic lies in cold milk foam. The layer of frothy cold milk on top creates a beautiful look with the richness of cream. But this drink is only for dairy milk lovers. Unfortunately, nitro cappuccino isn’t available in dairy-free milk. Go, grab your order for a rich unique experience, cappuccino lovers.

Nitro Latte

Are you guys craving a coffee with the blasting flavor of dark chocolate? The simple answer is to dive into the Starbucks nitro latte world. Nitro cold brew is the star of this coffee and is used as a base. Nitrogen infusion creates tiny bubbles and this is when the game changes, turning a normal coffee into a smooth, velvety and creamy flavor. Nitro cold brew combined with home-made vanilla sweet cream and chocolate give a sweet, bubbly and refreshing taste. Each nitro latte sip transforms your mood and makes it a perfect pick for yourself.

Nitro Latte

Sweet and Go-To iced treats

Let’s be honest here. I am sharing my personal review on the best go to options of iced and cold brew. The wild iced shaken espresso with oat milk is a perfect wild drink. For someone like me who prefers a lighter roast, Iced Starbucks Blonde Caffe Latte is a fantastic option. The evergreen and popular Iced Caramel Macchiato is a classical option that you can pick every time.


Iced coffee is normally brewed hot coffee. Ice is used to make it chilled and it is more acidic. On the other hand, cold brew is steeped in cold water for an extended period. Also, it is less acidic comparatively.

Yes, you can ask baristas for a hot cup of cold brew. The fun fact is cold brew isn’t designed as a cold coffee but it used to be steeped into cold water for a longer period. This gives a cool and refreshing taste. However, heating can alter the overall taste. 

No, currently any of the Starbucks chains doesn’t offer nitro cold brew and nitro cappuccino with non-dairy products. The major reason is that nitrogen gas combined with non-dairy products makes it look like curd


From coffee lovers to explorers, flavor adventurers to picky eaters, Starbucks iced cold brew coffee has something special for all. The smooth, creamy, less acidic, bold and rich velvety flavor with unlimited customization options makes it an ideal choice. From classic black to full creamy indulgence with syrups, sauces and toppings excites you to the next level. Ditch the traditional flavors and dive into the cold brew world of Starbucks.