Starbucks Brewed Coffee

Have you guys ever wondered about an amazing aroma surrounded by Starbucks? That is the freshly brewed coffee constantly seeking your attention. It offers multiple eye catching options in brewed coffees. But what exactly is brewed coffee? It is simply Arabica coffee beans grounded by gravity, pouring hot water on freshly roasted coffee beans and filtering them through paper or cloth into glass. Your perfect sip of Starbucks brewed coffee is ready to enjoy. 

Filter Coffee

This classic filter coffee is made by a special brewing method. High-quality Arabica beans go through their signature roasting process. There are multiple options like blonde roast or dark roast. The aroma and taste totally depends upon the roasting method. After roasting, baristas pour hot boiling water on the beans, usually placed on a paper or cloth.

After filtration of grounds, baristas use special high volume brewers. As the name says, filter brewed coffee has a balanced and clean taste. The flavour is directly proportional to the roasting method. Light roast gives bright and citrusy flavour while dark roast used to be more bold and caramelised in taste. 

Filter Coffee

Caffè Misto

This delightful drink is a blend of richness of brewed coffee and semi skimmed milk. Baristas use freshly roasted and brewed coffee as a base. Choose your preferred roasting flavour. Starbucks uses semi-skimmed milk for a creamy, smooth, and velvety texture in your Caffe Misto. Milk gives tiny air bubbles and a layer of microfoam. It’s a perfect, balanced, bold and robust coffee for everyday.  The Caffe Misto is an ideal choice for smooth and less intense coffee lovers.

Starbucks Brewed Coffee

Starbucks brewed coffee menu

Brewed MenuPrice
Brewed Filter Coffee£2.45
Brewed Caffè Misto£3.10

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caffe misto vs flat white

caffe misto flat white
Calorie:141 kcalCalorie:119 kcal
Fibre: 2.2gFibre: 0.2g
Fat: 4.0gFat: 4.1g
Starbucks drinks menu uk

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Enjoy brewing with customization at Starbucks

The real beauty of this coffee giant lies in their customization options. Don’t be shy to activate your inner barista. 

  • Caffeine Shots

Feeling a bit more sleepy? Just ask baristas to add more shots of caffeine in your drink. 

  • Milk categories

You are bored with regular milk. Try the lighter options like almond, coconut, and oat milk. We never compromised on customer satisfaction. 

  • Sweet or savory 

Want a sweet or bitter touch in your coffee. Just ask about syrups and sauces. Try vanilla and caramel syrup or seasonal pumpkins sauce to spice up your drink.


Starbucks brewed coffees is an amazing way to enjoy your cup of joy and happiness. From light roast to dark or blonde, these roasting methods lead to bright, bold or caramel flavour profiles. Choose one which suits your taste. Filter brewed coffee ensures a clean and balanced coffee. On the other hand, Caffe Misto is creamy and sweet with a touch of milk inside. You are a coffee enthusiast with a bold coffee lover or just want occasionally to satisfy your  cravings. These brewed coffees are a perfect option to start your day.


Light, blonde, dark, mellow, medium, and pike place roast are some of the famous available roasting options.

Yes, you can choose the roasting method, milk, cream, sauces, syrups, cream, sugar or sugar free. It totally depends on your preferred style and taste.