Starbucks drive thru UK (Location)

Because it’s so popular, there are 284 Starbucks drive-thru in the UK, and the numbers are only going up. It feels that everyone sips coffee multiple times a day. To get one cup of coffee from a shop takes a significant amount of time and energy.

These drive-thru are making many a customer’s lives easier, enabling them to enjoy their favorite drinks without getting out of their cars..

For those who are pressed for time but still want to enjoy their favorite drinks in the comforts of their own home, this is a perfect alternative.

Starbucks Drive Thru UK

Starbucks drive are constructed so that consumers can enjoy their drinks with greater convenience.

Its process is also very simple and can be done in just a few steps. At Starbucks, customers simply drive to the order station, make their order, and then go to the next window to pick up their order. Customers can use Starbucks website and application to order and pay at home, and do not even have to get out of their cars.

Starbucks drive thru

Easy and Convenient

There are several benefits of Starbucks drive-thru UK including:

It saves time. Sitting in their car, customers can quickly get their favorite drinks in a few minutes, without having to wait almost an hour for their order to be prepared.

They save a lot of time. Customers can order and pay for their drinks and then just pick up their drinks without having to wait in the long line.

In the drive customers can customize their drinks with their favorite toppings, which is a little cumbersome in the crowded store.

This saves a great deal of trouble for people in a hurry and don’t want to stop at the crowded store.

Starbucks is also contributing to the country’s economic development by providing employment to many jobless for its drive-thrus.

High-Tech & Eco-Friendly!

High technology is being introduced into Starbucks drive-thru process for ordering and payment process.

Using Apple Pay or Google Wallet, customers can place an order from the website or application lying on your bed, then pick up their order.

These cashless transactions reduce the need to handle physical cash and minimize physical contact during the process, making them more convenient.

Starbucks drive thru

24 hours service

Some locations of Starbucks offer services 24 hours. Customers with different backgrounds and lifestyles use Starbucks. 

It caters to the diversity of people by ensuring caffeine and meals for everyone at any time. No matter if you are an early bird or a late night student, pregnancy cravings or a fixed time job holder. Starbucks UK’s drive thrus some locations fix your problem by being available for 24 hours. 

Starbucks UK drive thru ensures its commitment to customers by providing services at odd hours also. 

Serve Local Community

Starbucks drive-thrus offers the opportunity to work with them. It facilitates its customers by allowing them to join them as their team members. They have to maintain their coffee and meal prices because they drive their work on electricity and labor costs.

This helps in the growth of the economy and reduces inflation. Moreover, drive-thru attract the local community more because they don’t need to be dressed up to look like the elite class. It gives them confidence to buy from a Starbucks rather than a traditional coffee shop.

Here all address of Starbucks UK Location

  • Extra Beaconsfield Service Area- 2 A-355, A-355 Windsor End, Beaconsfield HP-9 2-SE Beaconsfield
  • Claps Gate Lane, London E-6 6-LG  Claps Gate Ln
  • A-17, Sutterton, Boston PE-20 2-LG  A17
  • A-449 Crown Lane, Kidderminster DY-11 7-XP A449 Crown Ln
  • Southbound, A-46, Warwick Bypass, Warwick CV-35 8-HA  Starbucks Coffee
  • New Park St, Hamilton ML3 0BN  New Park St
  • Level St, Brierley Hill DY-5 1-TH  Level St
  • UNIT-6, STAFFORD HOUGH RETAIL PARK, Lichfield Road, Stafford ST-17 4-L Starbucks Drive Thru
  • M-42, Alvechurch, Birmingham B-48 7-AU M42
  • Stubbins Lane, Ramsbottom, Bury BL-0 0-PU Stubbins Ln
  • Motorway Services Area M-6, Northbound, Coventry CV-7 8-NR Welcome Break Corley Northbound Services M6
  • Sir Herbert Austin Way, Birmingham B-31 5-AA Sir Herbert Austin Way
  • 11 -Almondvale Business Park, Almondvale Way, Livingston EH-54 6-GA Starbucks Livingston Drive Thru
  • Olivier Way, Coventry CV2 2SH Olivier Way
  • M40, Ashorne, Leamington Spa CV-35 0AA M40
  • Retail park, Parr Brook Gardens, Mosley Common Rd, Tyldesley, Manchester M29 8RZ Starbucks Drive-Thru Parr Bridge Retail Park
  • Morrison’s Car Park, Llanelli SA-14 9-DR Starbucks drive thru Morrisons
  • Duntreath Ave, Glasgow G-15 6RX Duntreath Ave
  • A-17, Coddington, Newark NG-24 2NY A17
  • Olivier Way, Coventry CV-2 2-SH
  • Willowburn Ave, Alnwick NE-66 2-JH
  • 9 Bath Rd, Hounslow TW-6 2-AA
  • London Rd, Glasgow G-32 8-YX
  • A167, Ferryhill DL-17 8-LD
  • Welcome Break, M62, Huddersfield, Brighouse HD-6 4-JX
  • Ballymena Road Unit 42B, Internat Outlet, Antrim BT-41 4-JG
  • Old Pit Ln, Pity Me, Durham DH1 5-HL
  • The Triangle, Perth PH1 3-GA
  • Motorway Services Area M-6, Southbound, Corley, Coventry CV-7 8NR
  • 7 Flavian Rd, Lincoln LN-2 4-GR
  • Metro Oasis, Metrocentre, Gateshead NE-11 9-ZG
  • Towcester Rd, A-43, Northampton NN-1 1-EE
  • The Welcome Break Services, Dunmow Rd, Bishop’s Stortford CM-23 5-QZ
  • Watling St, Norton Canes, Cannock WS-11 9NA
  • Chiswell Green, St Albans AL-2 2-AB


There are many reasons why Starbucks drive-thrus are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Not only are they convenient for people, Starbucks sales have also risen after introducing drive-thrus. There are also some problems associated with the concept of drive-thru, such as traffic and environmental pollution but Starbucks is also working on these problems by using viable materials including straws and coffee cups.


  • If you have not placed your order online or through an app or website then choose what you want to order before you get to the ordering station.
  • Order confidently so the barista can hear you clearly.
  • Tailor your coffee to your taste and don’t be ashamed or shy about tailoring your drink.
  • After you order something, do not change your mind. 
  • If you are satisfied with the service, try tipping the friendly barista.

The people especially like Starbucks drive-thrus because they are convenient and save their time. They’re a lot better than going into the crowded stores.

Because of its popularity you will see many Starbucks drive-thrus around the country.

There are 284 drive thru’s in the UK and they are increasing in number because of being less crowded, more convenient, and  more practical.