Starbucks Cakes Menu (Bakery Items) UK, 2024

Welcome to the nostalgic journey of Starbucks bakery treats, where every bite is filled with joy and memories. Dive into the ocean of treats to find the perfect match for you with your coffee. From mouth watering loaf cakes to irresistible biscottis, we crafted these bakery treats with love to bring smiles on your faces. Your smiles are our rewards. 

People of the UK loved our treats because of the convenience and the resemblance with their childhood memories. These comforting vibes push them to buy their childhood companions to enjoy the simple yet enjoyable memories.

Starbucks Cake (Bakery items) Menu List

Cake Menu
Almond Biscotti Cookie : Fat – 18.0g | Protein – 4.3g | Sugar – 20.0g
Banana Loaf Cake : Fat – 20.0g | Protein – 5.4g | Sugar – 22.0g
Chocolate Brownie : Fat – 10.0g | Protein – 5.7g | Sugar – 26.0g
Chocolate Cake Pop: Fat – 10.0g | Protein – 2.0g | Sugar – 12.0g
Birthday Cake Pop: Fat – 9.9g | Protein – 1.7g | Sugar – 8.5g
Lemon Loaf: Fat – 23.0g | Protein – 5.9g | Sugar – 18.0g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie: Fat – 16.0g | Protein – 4.4g | Sugar – 22.0g

Easter Crispie Bar

The heavenly flavor of crispie bar is unbelievable. A perfect delight to enjoy Easter. These Crispie Bars are loved across the UK for their blender taste. Just imagine, the feeling of rice cereal combined with marshmallow goodness, with a topping of colorful sprinkles and chocolate chips. Yippee!

Easter Crispie Bar

Banana Loaf Cake

Who is in love with grandma’s kitchen? Made with love and care, it has ripened bananas, flour, sugar, and a pinch of magic of love. This moist, soft, smooth and mouthful banana loaf cake reminds me of carefree childhood afternoons. Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

Banana Loaf Cake

Almond Biscotti Cookie

Dip your mouth into this crunchy, healthy, almond-filled popular delight of the UK. The nuttiness in this cookie makes it an ideal combination with hot coffees to enjoy cozee evenings. These are made by dough that is baked twice with the almond filling for the crispiness. Almond Biscotti Cookie is ready to brighten your day! 

Cookies & Cream Cake Pop

The little cute cookies and cream bites have an irresistible charm. Just imagine! Yummy and creamy vanilla cake combined with heart filled chocolate cookie crumbs, all attached on a lolly stick. A mini party is set to rock in your hand and burst in your mouth! These cream cake balls will definitely hit your taste buds. 

Chocolate Brownie

Are you craving something sweet, chocolaty and cake type like me? If yes, don’t look anywhere. Just book a ride to the nearest Starbucks and order this yummiest brownie. Believe me, you will thank me later. This is a blend of chocolate, sugar, flour, eggs and an ocean of love for you. Enjoy this chocolaty bliss! 

Caramel White Chocolate Blondie

Let’s dive into the goodness of caramel white chocolate blondie! Just imagine the feeling, biting a soft, chewy, blondie fully loaded with cream and white chocolate with the gooey of caramel chunks. Got goosebumps? It’s an explosion of flavor in every bite. Just treat yourself. Don’t wait for others. 

Caramelised Biscuit Cake Pop

The love of the UK is here at Starbucks! Caramelized biscuit cake pop is a small and delicious treat. You guys must be conscious of how these treats are made? A very simple and yummy recipe is here for you. By using moist cake crumbs mixed well with creamy Caramel, shape them into a ball and dip them into smooth and sweet milk chocolate. An irresistible combo! 

Chocolate Cake Pop

Hey, desert lovers! Let’s find out the best desert or UK with me. These little balls–Chocolate Cake Pop are like a party in your mouth. Rich in sweetness, moist cake dip in warm chocolate coating and rolled on a stick will surely be your all time favorite snack. 

Birthday Cake Pop

The special birthday treats of the UK that are enjoyed by every age group. A simple and delicious treat made with cake crumble, cream frosting and shaped into a ball. The final step is to dip the pop into colorful icing and sprinkles. Get ready to rock and pop a party! 

Starbucks Bakery item Menu

Chocolate & Caramel Muffin

A perfect delight best for pick-me-up. Wanna know why it is best? It is made with love, chocolate batter, with a swirl of caramel. Baristas bake these chocolate and caramel muffins until perfection. It is not only delicious but also convenient. 

Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin

Get ready to shock your taste buds with a healthy and tangy taste. Perfect for breakfast and easy to go all day. It is made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, lemon extract, and poppyseeds. Each bite has a crunchy taste of poppyseeds. Just make, bake and take. 

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

Indulge in the blend of buttery cookie, sweet and smooth caramel, and chocolate fountain. Why is this chocolate caramel shortbread loved by Britishers? Simple and quick answer is they love convenience with taste. These bite sized treats are perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Lemon Loaf

This lemon loaf is a mixture of tangy and sweet taste. Many people like me loved this unique combination. It is made with fresh lemon zest and juice into a loaf batter, baked until perfection and topped with lemon glaze. Are you ready to enjoy the zesty twist? 

Blueberry Muffin (Now contains SOYA)

Welcoming the new blueberry muffin with a dash of extra goodness at Starbucks! It is made by blended fresh blueberries, mixed the blend into fluffy batter and then baked. Now, you can enjoy these blueberry muffins with the soy. 

Caramelised Biscuit Loaf Cake

Who isn’t familiar with the love of Britishers towards biscuits or loaf cakes. Starbucks took a major decision by inaugurating more than 100 stores in the UK. These stores offer various popular treats such as caramelized biscuit loaf cake. It is made by blending caramel biscuits crumbs into the batter, and then baked until perfection. It is topped with salted caramel frosting. A perfect combo with hot coffee. People fell for this cake because of its nostalgic childhood vibes. 

Almond Croissant

Croissants are popular among Britishers but what makes Starbucks’ almond croissants famous? The perfect combination of almonds with a soft pastry. Freshly baked croissants dough filled with crunchy almonds, taste next level. 

Starbucks Bakery Menu

Cinnamon Swirl

Craving something sweet and fresh? Starbucks cinnamon swirl is made with fresh soft dough rolled out, with cinnamon sugar and then twisted into a swirl. Barista put it into baking. Its baking time is less than a cake. Ready to burst a party with yourself. Go and grab this swirl. 

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

A cookie, chocolate and chips! When combined together, sweet lovers will madly fall in love with this desert. A yummy cookie which can fill the tummy. Made with freshly made dough, shaped into cookies, mixed with chocolate and topped with chocolate chunks. Enjoy your day with this goody bag. 

Seasonal Treats

Keep your eyes on seasonal items just like we wait for summers to enjoy the seasonal mango or winters to enjoy the fresh oranges. These limited editions carry an extra taste and excitement. Treats like pumpkin loaf add a nutty and crunchy touch to your coffee or tea break.


Explore this bakery treats menu at Starbucks with me. Bet me, you will forget every other bakery in the UK. From soft and crunchy cookies to fluffy muffins, there is an ocean of flavors, unique combinations and textures. These treats can be perfectly paired with any drink, coffee or juice. Make your day happy with our newly launched blueberry muffin with soy, a slice of happiness. With a wide range of cakes, muffins, biscuits, and cookies, you will never ever be disappointed by our menu. Why are you waiting? Rush towards the nearest Starbucks.

Frequently asked questions

Yeah sure! You can find the nutritional value, calorie count and prices of these delicious treats on our website. You can also ask baristas of Starbucks. They are well-trained about the nutritional value of the whole menu.

Yes, why not. You can customize almost every item according to your preferred style and taste. For example, you can add extra sugar, toppings, chocolates etc.

Yes, we never compromised on your health because our first priority is our customers. We made these treats freshly and delivered them in-stores and online.