Starbucks Menu Teesside, UK 2024

Do you want to enjoy delicious coffee in Teesside while relaxing at home? Are you looking for a coffee and yummy snacks menu?  Starbucks has arranged its menu for valuable Teesside customers. Teesside is the area around the river and has a wide range of coffee shops due to the high demand for different varieties of coffee. Stores of Starbucks at Teesside customized its menu with yummy and delicious drinks and food items.  It offers its customers to place orders for its most demanding snakes and lattes. You can also place orders for its healthy breakfast and lunch food items. You can order its cookies and egg bites and enjoy it whether you are at a party or any official meeting. Its tea latte will relax you while you are at your workplace.

Starbucks Menu Teesside

Espresso Drinks: Caramelised Macadamia Oat Latte | Caffè Latte | Caffè Mocha
Americano: Caffè Americano | Iced Caffè Americano
Flat White and Cortado: Flat White | Cortado
Juices: Still Lemonade 330ml | Raspberry Lemonade 330ml
Starbucks Refresha® Drink: Pink Coconut Starbucks Refresha® Drink
Iced Tea Latte: Iced Strawberry Matcha Tea Latte | Iced Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks Food items in Teesside

Starbucks has arranged its food menu to include healthy and delicious items. It includes healthy food items in the breakfast and lunch menus individually. You can place an order for its delicious food items for your children and also enjoy its delicious snacks for your official meetings. You can enjoy its feature items like Lemon Loaf Cake, white chocolate Mocha, and Ham & cheese croissant. It provides a variety of cappuccino and tea lattes in the breakfast and lunch menu. Its stores offer the facility of bakery items for your birthday parties and special occasions. 

Starbucks Food items in Teesside

Some of its yummy food items are listed below

  • Caramel white chocolate blondie 
  • Egg bites
  • Banana loaf cake
  • Butter croissant 
  • Cinnamon Swirl
  • Sausage Sandwich 
  • Luxury Fruit Toast 
  • Ham & cheese Corissant 
  • Smoked Bacon roll

Caramel white chocolate blondie

Caramel white chocolate blondie is one of Starbucks’s most demanded food items. It is available at different stores in Teesside. It is prepared by transforming white chocolate into caramel. Its main ingredients include white chocolate, butter and pistachios. Pistachios are transformed into blondies to make it so delicious. 

Starbucks Banana loaf cake

Banana Loaf cake is Starbucks’ most demanded food item. It is prepared with the most healthy fruit: banana. It is also known as sweet bread. Its main ingredients are mashed banana, sugar, flour, eggs and baking soda. It is prepared by baking its ingredients at medium temperature. Due to including a banana in it its sweetness becomes natural and it will enhance your mood. 

Sandwich & Toasties in Teesside

Starbucks Sandwich & Toasties are such yummy food items that are available at each store on Teesside. You can enjoy its delicious sandwiches and toasties at your available time and location. You can enjoy its delicious sandwiches for special occasions. It is Fiery No Chicken Wrap, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Cheese Toasties, Tuna Melt Pinnin and Tomato & Mozzarella Coirissant. Cake pops are one of the most demanding food items that children love to have again and again.

Starbucks sandwich & toasties

Drinks and coffee in Teesside

 Starbucks facilitates its customers of Teesside by offering varieties of coffee and tea lattes. You can also enjoy its refreshing drinks at your available time and location. Iced Matcha Green Tea latte, Iced Green Tea, Peach Iced Tea, Iced Green Tea Lemonade, Matcha Green Tea Latte, Earl Grey Tea, White hot Chocolate, Cream Frappuccino and Espresso Frappuccino are some of its most-demand drinks of Starbucks. You can place an order for all of its refreshing drinks and have fun with them at your workplace to get relaxed. Some of its famous drinks and coffee are

  • Iced Green Tea
  • Peach Iced Tea
  • Iced Green Tea Lemonade
  • Espresso Frappuccino
Starbucks Coffee & drinks menu

Starbucks Teesside Opening Hours

Real Magic of Starbucks Teesside UK

There are endless options in the delicious menu at the teesside but the real magic is beyond the menu and food items. It’s a place where you can meet friends, make new friends, catch-up on work, enjoy your me time with your favorite food and drink or reading a book with a hot steaming mug of coffee. The twist is a warming environment with a plus point of free WiFi. There is no wonder that Starbucks Teesside is a heaven.


Starbucks always works to facilitate its customers with its highly demanding products. Its breakfast menu is accomplished with high-quality food items that are healthy as well as delicious. It offers the facility of pick up and you can also enjoy it anywhere you want. Its coffee and tea latte will make you relax after tired full work assignments. Its refreshing drinks will enhance your mood. Its bakery products like sandwiches and toasties are healthy and yummy and one of the highly demanding items of Starbucks at Teesside. It offers the facility to customize its drinks and food items by adding different coatings at the top. It provides high-quality products for you so that you don’t need to compromise on your health and diet plan.

Starbucks Menu Teesside, UK Location

Address : Mandale Retail Park, Ross Rd, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2LX, UK

  1. Cargo Fleet Ln, Middlesbrough TS-3 8EJ, UK
  2. The Mile House Hotel, Durham Road, Stockton-on-Tees TS-19 9AA, UK
  3. A-69, Hexham NE-47 7AA, UK
  4. Glasgow Road, East Kilbride, Glasgow G7-4 4UN, UK
  5. London Road, Glasgow G-32 8YX, UK