6+Best Starbucks Refreshers Menu

These fruity, caffeinated, and refreshing beverages will be your go-to Starbucks drinks. You guys will be amazed when you try the flavour of real juice combined with green coffee freshly extracted from Arabica beans. A perfect, fresh, healthy drink with a little bit of caffeine is the perfect start to your morning. These are available year-round and come in two standard versions: iced or frozen (blended with ice). Starbucks refreshers menu contain (Strawberry Acai Starbucks & Pink Coconut).The real beauty of this drink lies in the customization option. Choose size, caffeine level, sweetness, creamy additions, or fruity twists.

Starbucks Refreshers Menu 2024

Refreshers MenuPrice
Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresha® Drink£5.50
Pink Coconut Starbucks Refresha® Drink£5.50

Strawberry Acai Starbucks

The bursting and sweet flavour of strawberry with a blend of ice is all a hot summer day needs. This is the reason that the strawberry Acai Refresher at Starbucks is so popular. A dominant taste of strawberry, Berries and tart flavours are added by the acai notes, which are counterbalanced by a refreshing lemonade twist. Nobody can resist this treat because it’s so refreshing with fresh strawberry pieces and ice. A Grande size has 50 milligrams of caffeine and 20 grams of sugar. Next time, when you visit Starbucks, don’t forget to try this refreshing beverage. 

Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresha® Drink

Pink Drink Starbucks UK

Pink lovers, where are you? This is a surprisingly amazing bubbly-flavoured drink with strawberry acai taste. It is formed with the same strawberry base, and acai notes, and grape juice flavours but with a twist. The twist is coconut milk, which gives a creamy and subtle coconut texture. Strawberry chunks and ice take it to the next level. This pink Starbucks drink is aesthetic and eye-catching. The pink hue comes from the coconut milk. Grande size contains 45 mg of caffeine with 25 grams of sugar.

Pink Coconut Starbucks Refresha® Drink

Paradise Drink Refresher 

Starbucks lover, wanna go on an island vacation to enjoy? If yes, then this is a perfect cup for you. The regular base of pineapple passionfruit combines with grape juice and green coffee extract but with an amazing twist. The twist is coconut milk that is mixed well with all the ingredients, pineapple chunks and ice. This treat contains 45 milligrams of caffeine and 22 grams of sugar in it. No worries! Health conscious peeps. You can use the Starbucks customization option. 

Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher

The exotic Dragon Fruit flavour combined with sweet and juicy mango and mixed with the tangy taste of lemonade created a refreshing finish. If you already love dragon fruit then it will be your regular order at Starbucks. Mango dragon fruit refresher served with ice and frozen dragon fruit chunks. This delightful drink contains 45 milligrams of caffeine and 25 grams of sugar in it but you can customise your drink. 

Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers® Beverage

Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade Refresher

Pineapple is a tropical fruit and it’s so expensive in the UK but at Starbucks, you can enjoy this fruit within a refreshing drink. A pre-made pineapple passion fruit syrup blended with ice, water, sugar, white grape juice, natural green coffee extract, with lemonade gives you a perfect summer escape. A tangy and less sweet refresher with a tropical twist is all that you need in the afternoon. 

Starbucks Refreshers Secret Menu

How many of you know that Starbucks offers a secret menu? If yes, then you will be aware of the colourful menu of the Starbucks secret menu. The delicious customised drinks you don’t find on the regular menu. This secret menu gives us times like Medicine Ball, which is now a part of the regular menu. Key lime pie refresher, Caribbean refresher, strawberry and cream refresher, strawberry and collar refresher, and many more are on the secret menu list.

Starbucksc Refreshers Menu

Beauty of Customization

Most customers want to customize their diet according to their tastes and requirements. Some of its customers customize their drinks and include different toppings on their drinks.

  • Sweetness: You want a less or more sweet drink. Why worried? Just ask baristas to add more or less pumps of sugar. You can use flavored or sugar-free syrups. 
  • Caffeine: Not a caffeine lover or a die heart fan of caffeine? Don’t be afraid to experiment with your coffee. 
  • Fruity fusion: Taste buds demand a fruity combo. No offense. Starbucks is here with a wide range of combinations of refreshers.
starbucks refresher


The Starbucks Refresher Menu is like a tropical vacation to enjoy summers in the UK. It’s a party pack with a wide range of fruits and colours  that are as vibrant as the sunset of California. From strawberry acai to mango dragon fruit, the sweet, tangy and refreshing drinks are there to cater your needs of summer. Guys, Starbucks refreshers are waiting to be your summer’s BFF. So, what are you thinking? Just grab your sunglasses and head towards the nearest Starbucks. Your taste buds will thank me!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, they all contain caffeine but comparatively less than coffee. An average grande size (16oz) Starbucks refresher has around 43-45 milligrams of caffeine but in brewed coffee, it has around 300-350 mg caffeine.

Seasonal refreshers like paradise drinks come and go according to the season of tropical fruits. These are the limited editions of Starbucks menu. While classic refreshers such as mango dragonfruit and strawberry acai are available year-round.