Starbucks Sandwiches & Toasties menu UK

Starbucks Sandwiches and Toasties offer a wide array of delightful items. Barista’s crafted these items with love and care. Wait, wait, wait! Remember, there is no compromise on quality. The ingredients are sourced from the organic farms to ensure freshness and taste. From the time this menu was launched in the UK, it became famous and popular among customers. These light, healthy, nutritious, and tasty sandwiches are the main course of breakfast, but they are available throughout the day. A perfect light weight and low calorie meal.

Starbucks Sandwiches & Toasties menu Prices Uk

Sandwiches & Toasties menuPrices
Cheese & Marmite® Mini Ciabatta£4.65
Spinach & Pea Falafel Wrap£4.80
Ham & Cheese Panini£6.15
Chicken Caesar Wrap£4.80
Tuna Melt Panini£6.15
Starbucks Sandwiches & Toasties menu

1. Cheese & Marmite® Mini Ciabatta

A balanced and tasty delight to satisfy cravings and hunger. It is made by layering yummy cream cheese and savory Marmite spread on a soft Ciabatta bread roll, soft like a marshmallow. Customers loved this combination because it hits the right spot of taste buds. It is popular and famous among morning owls, meaning a popular breakfast choice. The calorie count ranges between 200-300, making it a convenient, delicious and reasonable option for intake or outtake. 

2. Ham & Cheese Panini

Looking for a classical option for breakfast? Look no further than Starbucks Ham and cheese panini. Freshly baked bread used as a base, savory ham and gooey melted cheese on it. A satisfying and soothing meal for any time of day and night. The hearty filling of cheese makes it a perfect and quick bite for a pleasant meal. You must be worried about the calories count? Don’t worry, it ranges between 350-450 calories. It varies because of the proportion size and customization options. 

3. Spinach & Pea Falafel Wrap

Eat your greens my friends! Spinach and pea falafel wrap is a greenish delight to ensure your health. It is made with a soft wrap filled with baby spinach, peas, and falafels, making it a pure vegetarian option. Customers love the delicious blend of greens and burst of wholesome ingredients with freshness. The low calorie option makes it a popular choice among customers. The range of calories starts from 380 and ends at 450, depending upon the proportion size and additional items included. 

4. Fiery No Chicken Wrap

A delicious vegan option but with a twist of spiciness. Fiery No Chicken Wrap is a plant-based wrap with a sensation of flavourful ingredients. It is made with plant based strips, fiery salsa, crunchy veggies, all wrapped in a soft tortilla. Its bold flavor is appealing towards spice loved customers. As of calorie count, it has around 350-400 calories, making it a suitable and fulfilling meal. 

5. Chicken Caesar Wrap

Too much veg? Don’t be bored! I am here with you, chicken lover. A mouth watering meal made with tender, juicy chicken, crispy lettuce, fresh juicy tomatoes from the farm, cheesy and seasoned with creamy and caesar dressing, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. People adore it because of its quick making and unique taste. When we talk about calories, you will be surprised. It ranges between 400 to 500, depending on the ingredients, sauces, and proportion of your meal. 

6. Five Cheese Toastie

A layered toastie from Starbucks sandwich and toastie menu. As the name says, five cheese means it is made by layering five different cheeses between two slices of bread. Then put this toastie into a grill pan, grilled until perfection. Cheese lovers! Say hi to this toastie once in your life. It’s a heartful combination of different types of cheese melted and combined together. This meal is lightweight so calories ranges between 300 to 400 depending on the size of bread and ingredients. 

7. Oak Smoked Ham & Cheese Toastie

Who is here and an oak and ham lover? If you are, you can’t stop yourself from buying this  after reading this description. This sandwich is made by placing oak smoked ham and cheese between two slices of bread. Grill until perfection. Nothing can beat this crispy sandwich with melted cheese. Put the sandwich in the toaster until the bread turns golden brown. This light and tasty sandwich contains 300 to 400 calories. The calorie count can vary. 

8. Tuna Melt Panini

This soothing and calming sandwich is made by tuna salad and grilled cheese between two slices of bread. Tuna salad is a combination of canned tuna, mayonnaise, diced onions, and celery. Grill this sandwich until it changes its color and becomes crispy. This heartwarming meal contains 350 to 400 calories but it can vary according to the proportion. 

9. Tomato & Mozzarella Panini

The most traditional and favorite grilled sandwich in the UK. Freshly sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese slightly layered between the slices of bread and grilled until it turns golden brown and crispy. This tasty and amazing panini contains 350 to 450 calories depending upon the size of bread and customizations. 

Starbucks Sandwiches & Toasties

10. Red Leicester Cheese & Pickle Sandwich

A Red Leicester Cheese & Pickle Sandwich is a layered one. It is made by layering the slices of red Leicester cheese and pickle between the slices of bread. This cheese is basically made in England. It is mild and orange coloured while pickle adds a bit of a tangy and sweet taste to the sandwich. People really admire this satisfying combination of creamy cheese and tangy pickle. On an average, this sandwich contains 300-400 calories. 

11. Tomato & Mozzarella Croissant

A yummy pastry which can fill the tummy. Baristas use croissant dough, add tomato slices and mozzarella cheese inside and shape it, and put this croissant into the baker. Baked until it turns golden brown and crispy. It’s a light and non-spicy meal and the sweetness of tomatoes combined with melted cheese give next level satisfaction. When we think about calories, it ranges between 250 to 350 depending on the size and ingredients.

Starbucks Sandwiches & Toasties calorie’s

Starbucks Sandwiches & Toasties calories


Sometimes, skipping regular meals is fun and choosing alternatives like sandwiches and toasties seems better options. From croissants to panini, there is something for everyone. Each bite shows the commitment towards taste and satisfaction. The balanced approach in ingredients is used to satisfy the vegan and non-vegan customers. Don’t wait to bunk a regular meal, just go to Starbucks and place an order.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can place an order directly from a website for home delivery or choose a pick-up option but make sure to confirm from the nearest Starbucks location. Some Starbucks don’t offer these conveniences.

Yes, Starbucks provides allergy information on their website. Their baristas are also trained about guiding people. If you are allergic to some ingredients, ask baristas to remove or provide an alternative to that. Some common ingredients that can cause common allergies are gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, and nuts are clearly mentioned.