Starbucks Vegan Menu UK 2024 ❤️

Vegans make up over 3% of the world’s population- according to a survey conducted by IPSOS in 2018. To cater to the growing demand for plant-based food and drinks, America’s most popular coffee chain Starbucks has expanded its vegan options over the years. 

Though Starbucks is famous for its coffee, it offers unlimited other food options to attract customers. Starbucks provides a huge room for customization as well which is their distinct feature. 

Before we dive into Starbucks’ vegan menu, let’s be clear that vegan refers to food that is completely plant-based.

Starbucks’ vegan menu with prices

The journey to include vegan customers started for Starbucks in 2020. In April 2020, Starbucks China collaborated with Oatly and Beyond Meat to introduce a plant-based food and drink menu. From that time onwards, Starbucks has been working to include more vegan options in the menu. Today, Starbucks has an extensive plant-based menu for vegans. Go through the menu and order what appeals to you the most!

Flat White£ 2.37
Caffe Americano£ 3.03
Caffe Misto£ 2.59
Brunch Burrito£ 4.45
Peach & Raspberry Overnight Oats£ 3.60
Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Seed Fritter Wrap£ 4.70
Banana Caramel Muffin£ 3.70
Fiery No’Chicken Wrap£ 4.20
Breakfast Wrap£ 0.55
Cool Lime Starbucks Refresha£ 3.63
Caramel Frappuccino£ 5.40
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Cookie£ 2.50

Starbucks’ vegan drinks menu

If you are a vegan, Starbucks has got a lot for you! Starbucks has an extensive range of vegan drinks that are refreshing and full of flavour. 

Starbucks' vegan drinks menu

Iced Teas

Nothing is better than an iced tea on a hot summer morning. Starbucks’ iced teas are all vegan and are available in a variety of flavours. Your options include:

  • Peach Iced Tea
  • Iced Green Tea
  • Iced Green Tea Lemonade 
  • Iced Hibiscus Tea
  • Iced Hibiscus Tea Lemonade 

Hot Teas

Want a hot beverage and wondering if you can get a vegan one at Starbucks? Well, Starbucks is for all. Their complete hot tea range is vegan and your options include:

  • Teavana TM Chamomile Herbal Tea
  • Teavana Mint Citrus Tea
  • Teavana TM Chai Tea
  • Teavana TM English Breakfast Tea
  • Teavana TM Earl Grey Tea
  • Teavana TMJasmine Pearls Tea
  • Teavana TM Youthberry Tea

Hot or Iced Coffee

No need to quit having a coffee if you have recently switched to vegan products. Starbucks offers you various vegan milk alternatives so you can kickstart your day with a delicious cup of coffee. The base of all coffees is vegan, so you only have to replace cow’s milk with a vegan milk option. Your options include soy, oat, coconut and almond milk. 

You can add any flavoured sweetener of your choice (hazelnut, caramel or vanilla) and you’re good to go. 

Just make sure you do not get any creamy topping added to your coffee. 

If you follow all the tips mentioned above, you can have any espresso, latte, mocha, americano, or cappuccino.

Starbucks Refresha Drinks

The Starbucks Refresha drinks range is an ideal drink to have after a tiring workday. These tropical drinks have a blend of fruity flavours and are hand-shaken with ice. A few fruit chunks are also added for greater pleasure. This range includes:

  • Mango-Dragonfruit Refresha
  • Very Berry Refresha
  • Dragon Coconut Refresha
  • Strawberry Acai Refresha
  • Pink Coconut Refresha
  • Cool Lime Refresha
Starbucks Refresha Drinks

Starbucks’ vegan breakfast menu

Want to have breakfast at Starbucks and wondering if they have any vegan breakfast options for you? Well, they have got you covered!

If you want something light or just a snack for breakfast, you can opt for the Watermelon Chunks or a Banana

However, if you are looking for something filling, these are your options:

Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich:

Loved by vegan customers, Beyond Meat Sandwich is the perfect choice for breakfast. This delicious sandwich comes with a pea protein patty with its signature tomato relish. A tofu turmeric egg alternative is added along with a coconut oil-based alternative cheese to further enhance the flavour. 

Mango and Pineapple Overnight Oats:

Providing you with around 300 calories, Mango and Pineapple Overnight Oats is the healthiest breakfast option. This includes mango and pineapple compote under overnight oats and shredded green apples. It is then topped with toasted coconut and diced apricots. Sounds delicious, right? 

Plant-based Breakfast Wrap:

This wrap has vegan sausages with smoked tofu, BBQ pinto bean sauce, and spinach wrapped in a tortilla. check full breakfast menu

Starbucks vegan sandwich

Starbucks has two vegan sandwiches and toasty which are a must try. The first one is Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Seed Fritter Wrap. This is a tomato wrap filled with pumpkin seed fritter, sweet potato hummus, spicy chilli and spinach leaves. 
Another option is Fiery No Chicken Wrap. This wrap has spicy soy chunks instead of chicken as the protein alternative. Other ingredients include a spicy sauce, spring onions and spinach.

Starbucks vegan sandwich

Starbucks vegan cake

When it comes to cakes, Starbucks has limited vegan options. The only two vegan cakes on the menu are Banana Caramel Muffin, and Raspberry and Almond Mini Loaf. You can also have Dark Chocolate Bars or Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups as snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Up until 2022, you had to pay a little extra for plant-based milk options. Starbucks dropped this surcharge later to accommodate its vegan customers. Now you can order any of the five plant-based milks without any additional cost. These options include Soy milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk, Oat milk and Starbucks Original Nut Blend.  

To further enhance the flavour of your vegan food, Starbucks offers vegan syrup options as well. These include Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Almond, Salted Maple Caramel, and Mocha Drizzle.

The original recipe of Pumpkin Spice Latte includes cream and cow milk. However, the pumpkin spice sauce is completely plant-based. So, to make this drink vegan, you only have to replace cow milk with a vegan milk alternative and skip the cream.

The original Starbucks hot chocolate isn’t vegan. However, you can veganize it by replacing the cow milk with vegan milk alternatives (soy, oat, coconut or almond) and skipping the whipped cream.

Starbucks caramel latte is made with caramel syrup which is vegan. If you just get any vegan milk added, your caramel latte will be veganized. However, do not confuse it with caramel sauce which contains dairy products and isn’t vegan.