Discover the rich and bold flavor of Starbucks Espresso Roast Whole Bean Coffee 340g

Starbucks Whole Bean is one of the most demanding products. It is available at each Starbucks store. These beans are available in different varieties and sizes so you can enjoy your favourite coffee at home. It allows its clients to make delicious and robust coffee of their choice. It holds acidity. To give it a new shape and taste, these beans are crushed and blended, which helps to provide it with a new shape, too. These beans are roasted at high temperatures to give them a unique taste and shape.  After roasting, you can easily crush and use it to your requirements.

Starbucks whole beans are available in three different sizes according to the demand of its customers. Blonde, medium, and dark. Blonde roast consists of various beans that have a sweet and delicious taste. These beans are used after roasting them at high temperatures. Medium roast beans are moderate in size and brown in color. The surface of these beans is oily. Dark beans are lighter in weight and longer in length. These beans have a straightforward flavour. It is bold and robust. You can choose any of these beans according to your taste and flavour.

Whole beans Blonde Roast

Blonde Roast is also known as light and bright roast. It is lighter than dark roast. It takes a shorter time to roast than normal Nespresso. Blonde  Roast is a soft and aromatic coffee bean with notes of acidity, fruits, and florals. If you don’t like strong and dark espresso, it’s a better choice. You can enjoy this lighter drink at your available time and location. Its flavours include vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. It is rich in Vitamin C.

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

Starbucks facilitated its customers with a blonde Espresso roast that is healthy and delicious as well. These beans are roasted to make it sweeter. Its taste is like chocolate. These coffee beans are more robust than cold coffee and drinks but lighter than dark coffee beans. Due to its unique flavour, you can eat it in warm afternoons and summer.  Its flavour is sweet, acidic, and light floral. You can customise it by selecting any grinding option, such as medium (pour over), fine espresso, medium (coffee brewer), or coarse.

Starbucks Blonde® Espresso Roast 250g

Exploring options of whole beans medium roast coffee

Starbucks offers a wide range of whole beans options. Each having unique and robust flavors. This coffee giant makes sures that these flavors belong to their origin. Read carefully to choose the most popular and a perfect match of your taste buds. Medium roast is browned colour coffee with an oily surface. It is full of nutrition and healthy for the body. It holds medium acidity and has a round body. Its flavour is so unique that it also has a sweeter taste. It is a strong coffee bean that is rich in vitamin C.  It has pronounced acidity and is rich in coffee flavours. Its flavour tastes like brown sugar, chocolate, berries, and roasted nuts. You can add or skip any of them according to your taste and requirements. You can order Medium Roast and have fun with it at your available time and location. Some medium roasts available at Starbucks are Guatemala Casi Cielo, Guatemala Antigua, Colombia Narino, Ethiopia, House blend, Pike pale roast and Kenya. 

Guatemala Casi Cielo

Guatemala Casi Cielo

Colombia Nariño 250g

Guatemala Casi Cielo

Pike Place Coffee 

Pike Place Coffee 

Guatemala Casi Cielo

The word Casi cielo meand alomost heaven. It is a blend of coffee that tastes yummy and delicious. This type of medium roast gives a lemon taste and smells like cocoa beans. Its ingredients include fat milk, sugar, potassium carbonate, and natural flavouring. 

Colombia Nariño

Colomibia Narino tastes like chocolate, nuts, herbs, fruits, and acidity. You can add the topping of your choice and enjoy your coffee at your available time and location. Its taste is walnut. The best example of Colombia Narino is Cameron Coffe. 

Pike Place Coffee 

Colomibia Narino tastes like chocolate, nuts, herbs, fruits, and acidity. You can add the topping of your choice and enjoy your coffee at your available time and location. Its taste is walnut. You customise its topping according to your taste and requirements.

House Blend

What about having Starbucks coffee with its original taste and flavor sitting at your home? The idea seems nice. Yes, they offer whole beans or pre-ground coffee so you can enjoy fresh flavors. You guys can choose grinding according to your moods and tastes. Grinding your own coffee is a more hands-on process allowing you to make each sip a bit more flavorful.

Whole Bean Dark Roast

Dark Roast is more potent than blonde and medium roast. It requires much more temperature than other roasts. Dark roasts are high in antioxidants. It is suitable for stomach health as it is easily digestible and holds nutrients for the body. Having dark roast coffee every day will help you reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis and scarring of the liver. It has firm acidity, but its taste isn’t sour or acidic. Its flavour is sweeter due to the chocolate added to it. Nuts added to it make it so delicious. Its taste sometimes feels bittersweet or toasty, as well as a decadent chocolate flavour. Espresso Roast Capsules Nespresso and Decaf Espresso Roast Capsules Nespresso are variants of Dark Roast. 

Sumatra 250g

The name of the Sumatran Mandialling people gives Sumatra coffee its name. It is one of the best coffee beans, and everyone loves it. These coffee beans are grown on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Its taste is low acidity. You can order this coffee according to the different sizes of cups available at its stores.

Exploring options of whole beans medium roast coffee


Starbucks provides its customers with various coffee beans, such as blonde, medium, and dark roast. Its coffee beans are firm, medium and low acidity. To prepare them, coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures. Chocolate and fruit crust are also added to make it so delicious that everyone loves to have it. Its taste is sweeter due to the presence of chocolate and added fruits. It is suitable for your health and diet. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes. It takes different times to be crushed according to its size. It takes different temperatures to prepare and is available according to various sizes of cups.