Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

Starbucks has always been a popular choice for satisfying cravings for different coffee flavors. That’s why it’s always an iconic choice for coffee lovers. They have unlimited varieties and flavors, along with customization options. One of the famous and flavorful coffees is the Caramel Frappuccino. It depends on how you want to have your caramel Frappuccino, whether it’s a sunny day and you are seeking something refreshing or a cold night and you need to warm your soul.

The buttery and smooth flavor makes it an absolute choice for coffee or non-coffee lovers because you can customize the caffeine according to your choice. The Caramel Frappuccino is an absolute delight each time you visit Starbucks.

Caramel Frappuccino price

What is Frappuccino?

At Starbucks, Frappuccino is a blended coffee made with espresso shots, different types of milk, ice, and multiple syrups. Moreover, customers can choose different toppings like caramel, cream, or chocolate sauces. There are endless options for toppings; even health-conscious people can add protein, nuts, or fruits to their drinks.

What are the Ingredients used in Caramel Frappuccino?

The easy-to-go caramel Frappuccino is just made with 6 essential ingredients. Starbucks is very conscious about the quality of its food items and uses pure and high-quality ingredients for each food item.  Its pure and Healthy ingredients have made it famous among its customers. Here is the ingredients list:

  1. Strong brewed coffee:

The perfect blended espresso coffee shots need to make this amazing coffee. You just need half a cup of strongly brewed coffee. 

  1. Ice:

If you want your caramel Frappuccino for a sunny day to refresh yourself, then ice is the base of the coffee. Otherwise you can skip this also. You just need 1 cup of ice cubes to make a grande size coffee. 

  1. Milk:

You need half a cup of any type of milk that is either full fat or low fat. You can even go for no milk in your coffee as well. Milk, ice and coffee gives an immense feel of pleasure and joy.  It is a mood booster also. 

  1. Caramel topping:

2 tablespoons of caramel sauce is more than enough to give your coffee a creamy and smooth texture along with an amazing caramel flavor. 

  1. Whipped cream (Optional):

If you want to get the full joys of your coffee, just add whipped cream. It will balance out the flavor of bitterness in the coffee and give a smooth and silky texture in your coffee. 

  1. Sugar (Optional):

If you like sweets and you want your coffee too to be sweet, just add 1 or 2 tablespoons of white sugar. 

How to make Caramel Frappuccino step by step?

With the above mentioned 6 ingredients, you can make your perfect caramel Frappuccino:

Caramel Frappuccino

How many calories can you get after having a caramel Frappuccino from a nutritional perspective?

The calories can vary according to the size of the glass and quantity of your ingredients. If you are opting for an average size grande (16 FL oz) with full-fat milk, whipped cream, and sugar, it contains approximately 430 to 450 calories. Moreover, it has 69g total carbs, 69g net carbs, 15g fat, 4g protein, 58 grams of carbohydrates, and 52 grams of sugar. It can be different according to the milk choice. For example, coconut, soya, almond, cow, or alternative milk options carry different nutritional values.

Cost of the Caramel Frappuccino

Cost is directly proportional to the location and country of Starbucks. It can vary according to the membership coupons or discount deals. But an average grande-sized caramel Frappuccino costs $4 to $6. Prices can also go higher during peak hours.

Caramel Frappuccino Price

Final Words

The caramel Frappuccino is a testament to the commitment of the Starbucks community to innovative flavors and soulful tastes. This version of coffee is perfect for satisfying cravings, and you can customize it according to your preference. Whether you are a die-hard coffee lover or someone who just likes a hint of coffee flavor in your drinks, it can cater to every customer’s demands. So why not delight your taste buds with the perfect treat of rich, creamy, and smooth flavor of Caramel Frappuccino?

My personal review about Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino isn’t just a drink or coffee. For me, it’s my everyday and every time pick-me-up. Whenever, I pay a visit to Starbucks UK with my friends or family. My good to go order will be caramel Frappuccino. So I am sharing some tips so you can enjoy your me time 2x. Just place an order of caramel Frappuccino and pair it with a flaky croissant or a brownie. I am claiming that you will love it. The roasted Frappuccino with milk and ice when combined with a caramel sauce and whipped cream. Its delightful texture and taste appeals you.


On average, there are three sizes at Starbucks: Tall (12 fl oz), Grande (16 fl oz), and Venti (24 fl oz). Each serving carries different nutritional values and calories according to the ingredients you choose.

Approximately, a tall size caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks costs around $4.25 to $5, and a Venti size costs around $5.25 to $6. Prices may vary according to specific country regions and peak hours.